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Universal TPMS Sensor Activation Tool

MFG: Myers Tire Supply
Product Code: 27134


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Many new cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors. Each time the tires are rotated or the wheel positions are changed the system must be reprogrammed to recognize the new location.

How do you reprogram sensors in your shop?
The Universal TPMS Activation Tool automatically chooses the correct triggering protocol or allows the user to select the desired protocol. 

A simple four-step process:

1. Before changing or rotating tires/wheels, identify the type of system and perform a diagnostic check of all wheel sensors. This assures all sensors are working properly before performing maintenance on the vehicle.

2. Change or rotate tires / wheels

3. Place vehicle in learn mode. This prepares the tire pressure monitoring system to accept the new sensor information. Manufacturers have developed their own method of putting the vehicle in learn mode and it is typically found in the vehicle owners manual, Mitchell On Demand, and Alldata.

4. Re-program wheel sensors by triggering each of the TPMS sensors until all wheel positions are programmed.

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