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Corghi Master Tire Changer

MFG: Corghi
Product Code: 51245


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  • The First Robotic Tire Changer
  • No Tire Lever, No Lifting, No Damage Or Dangerous Stresses To The Tire Or Rim
  • Range: 12" To 26"
  • Electronic Wheel Diameter Selection Automatically Positions Bead Breakers

The Corghi Master Tire Changer is specifically designed to change low profile, high performance and run-flat types of tires and standard OE rally and steel wheels. Change any passenger or light truck tire assembly from 12" to 26" and up to 18" wide. The built-in lift eliminates the danger of lower back injuries to the operator. Simply select the diameter of the wheel and the machine automatically adjusts all the tools to remain 4mm from the rim. It will not scratch the rim. Pneumatic chucks and the cone in the center hole are all that ever touch the rim. Pneumatically operated rollers loosen the upper and lower beads.

The Corghi Master eliminates the need for pry bars. The demount finger grabs the bead and pulls it above the rim. There is no stress on the bead, the machine automatically moves in 1" so a 18" rim takes the tire off in a 17" circle.

Pax Tire Capability - A Pax Tire program is integrated into the machine and an optional kit is available.

Reverse Mount Wheel Adapter for Corghi Master
Support the wheel at the lug holes and prevents the face of the wheel from touching the tire changer.

Single Hole Wire Wheel Kit for Corghi Master
Includes: Wire wheel plate for knock off rim, pin for single hole rims, wire wheel adapter for knock off rims.

Specifications: Rim Size Range 12"-26"; Rim Width 2"-18"; Maximum Tire Diameter 40"; Maximum Tire Width 18"; Bead Breaker Opening 2"-15"; Air Required 150 psi.; Electric Required 110 volt./10 Amp.; Min. Workspace Required 48" W. x 96" D.

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