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Alligator – Gator Caps logoAlligator’s inflate-thru valve caps are a time, money and labor saving solution that can reduce your tire pressure check time by up to 65%.

As an industry leader and expert in flow-thru cap technology, Alligator outperforms all other flow-thru caps on the market.  You can inflate, deflate and gauge directly thru the valve cap saving time during inflation and pressure checks. The caps seal like a high pressure cap, yet offer the convenience of an inflate-thru extension.

V2B and DS-P vs. Other Inflate-Thru Valve Caps

There are many lower cost, lower quality inflate-thru valve caps on the market today. At first glance they may resemble the V2B and DS-P “Gator Caps”; however, for durability, performance, and resistance to contamination and corrosion, there is no substitute for the genuine German design and quality of the V2B and DS-P.

The Myers V2B and DS-P

  • Seal is located away from the opening
  • Contamination does not have a direct path to the seal
  • Contamination is directed away from the airflow
V2B and DS-P Gator Caps

Other inflate-thru valve caps

  • Seal is located near the mouth of the cap
  • Contaminants have a short and direct path to the seal
  • Contaminants are sucked into the valve core, restricting airflow and causing leaks that lead to early failure
Inflate-thru valve caps

A Look Inside of the V2B and DS-P Caps

  • Heavy-duty housing
  • Precision-fit brass components
  • Incorporates two built-in heat resistant seals, preventing air pressure loss even if the valve core is damaged or dirty
  • The end face is completely sealed to repel dirt and water
  • Genuine German design and quality
Inside a V2B and DS-P Gator Cap

Inflate-Thru Valve Cap Options

For high-pressure commercial truck applications

“Original” Nickel Plated V2B Double Seal Inflate-Thru Valve Cap

The "Original" Nickel Plated V2B Double Seal Inflate-Thru Valve Cap

Proven in millions of miles of service by North America’s largest trucking companies, the original “Gator Cap” has become the industry standard for commercial fleet maintenance.

In the U.S., millions of truck valves are fitted with the V2B Gator Cap each year, saving dollars, time, labor, and tires.

  • Heat resistant grommets for extended high temperature applications
  • Heavy-duty all-metal housing
  • Precision-fit brass components
  • Durable, self-sealing o-ring

Brass Double Seal Inflate-Thru Valve Cap

Brass V2B Double Seal Inflate-Thru Valve Cap

*Available August, 2016.
  • All of the same great features as the nickel plated V2B
  • Brass finish matches most truck valve stems

For vehicles ranging from passenger and light truck to high-pressure commercial truck applications 

DS-P Durable High-Temperature Black Double Seal Inflate-Thru Valve Cap

DS-P Durable High-Temperature Black Double Seal Inflate-Thru Valve Cap

  • Made in Germany by Alligator
  • Same superior sealing qualities as the V2B
  • An economical alternative to the V2B
  • The DS-P has the exact same internal components as the V2B, encased in a light-weight, temperature resistant polyamide-6 covering
  • Safe for use on TPMS-equipped vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, Ford Transit vans, Nissan NV's and other light truck applications 

For passenger car and light truck applications

V1B Plastic Inflate Thru Sealing Valve Cap

V1B Plastic Inflate-Thru Sealing Valve Cap

  • The perfect cap for fleets, rental car facilities and personal vehicles
  • Saves time during pressure checks and inflation
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany by Alligator
  • Safe to use on TPMS-equipped vehicles
  • Made to OE specifications and for premium car manufacturers: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and many more