Champion Compressors

Champion Advantage Series compressorChampion is the number one air compressor brand in the professional automotive market.  Champion can not only supply you with the best air compressor for your application but can take care of your total system from the dryer, to filtration, to shop piping.

With Champion meeting all "Buy America" clauses, you are getting a high quality product that is assembled in Princeton, IL, one of the few US manufacturers of air compressors. 

Champion is the only compressed air manufacturer to offer both reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors. This ensures the best air compressor for your application.

The Champion Advantage Series comes fully packaged with low oil level monitor, magnetic starter, automatic drain tank, vibration isolators, air cooled after cooler (select models), factory fill of oil and five year warranty. With a 24 hour ship time, the Advantage Series helps increase delivery time and reduces inventory in your warehouse.

The Myers Advantage

Champion Service for Myers Tire Supply customers made easy

Simply call 877-759-5206 with your serial number, identify yourself as a Myers customer, and you're on your way to obtaining service. Champion will troubleshoot over the phone and dispatch or refer to the closest service center as appropriate.

What makes these compressor pumps the best?

The Champion Advantage Series compressors utlize the legendary R-Series compressor pump loaded with features to make it the best two-stage air compressor on the market. 

Champion domed pistons

Domed Pistons for greater compressor efficiency. More surface area for compressing air than flat piston design. More surface area for valve clearance.

Champion double-throw crankshaft

Automotive style double-throw (balanced and counterweighted for support) crankshaft provides optimum compressor performance. Tapered roller bearings provide more contact area than ball bearings.

Champion cylinder/”hemi” head

Integral cylinder/”hemi” head for increased dependability. Gasket-less design eliminates possibility of blown head gaskets for trouble free operation.

Champion needle bearings

Needle bearings minimize friction between wrist pin and connecting rod. Minimized contact surface compared to bushings.

Champion disc valves

Disc Valves provide industry proven long life. Lapped valve seat ensure extremely tight seal to minimize blow-by. Ideal for slow speed compressor operation.

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