Perfect Equipment

Perfect EquipmentPerfect Equipment has been delivering wheel weights to customers since 1939 and have been on the forefront of technology ever since. With more than 75 years of experience in the North American market, Perfect offers guaranteed quality for best results.

What is wheel imbalance?

Nearly every tire and wheel has some type of imbalance.  When made, wheel and tires may have a heavy spot, or an imbalance, that should be corrected.

Static and dynamic tire and wheel imbalance

Balanced tires will:

  • Improve a vehicle’s ride
  • Help save money on tires
  • Help save money on fuel
  • Improve handling and braking

How to correct imbalance?

To correct or offset an imbalance, a weight should be applied to the opposite side of the imbalance area. By placing a clip-on or an adhesive wheel balance opposite of the heavy spot, the wheel can roll true.

Clip-on Wheel Weights


Zinc clip-on wheel weights
  • Zinc wheel balance weights are used by more OEMs worldwide than any other material available.
  • Easy to install - function and fit much like lead
  • Superior corrosion resistance - will never rust!
  • Softer material reduces scratching


Steel clip-on wheel weights
  • High-quality steel clip-on design is OEM approved and time-tested
  • Premium powder coating provides corrosion protection
  • Clear markings for easy identification


Lead clip-on wheel weights
  • Perfect Equipment has been delivering industry leading wheel weights for 75 years
  • Well proven design that has become the industry standard
  • OEM approved clip designs
  • Uncoated or with premium powder coating for corrosion protection

Heavy-Duty Lead

Heavy-duty lead clip-on wheel weights
  • Perfect balance your medium & heavy-duty vehicles with the heavy-duty lead wheel weights
  • Available in larger sizes up to 16oz.
  • Wide body design
  • Thicker clip material to help with retention
  • Uncoated or with premium powder coating for corrosion protection

Adhesive Wheel Weights 

Steel Quikstik®

Steel Quikstick adhesive wheel weights
  • Steel QuikStik® is used by more OEMs in North America than any other steel adhesive
  • All-Weather™ premium adhesive white tape
  • Coating provides corrosion protection

Lead Quikstik®

Lead Quikstik adhesive wheel weights
  • Perfect invented the pre-segmented adhesive weight
  • All-Weather™ premium adhesive white tape
  • Uncoated or with premium powder coating for corrosion protection
  • All-Weather™ premium adhesive white tape