Ready Patch

The quality solution for value-conscious customers

The Ready Patch product line-up includes various sizes of radial and tube patches, pilot wire patch plugs and chemicals for performing permanent tire repairs on passenger and light truck tires.

The product line was tested and approved to meet industry standards for permanent tire repair.

Ready Patch Solutions

Pilot Wire Patch Plug

Order No Size-inches Patch Dia-inches Qty-Box
97030 1/8" 1-9/16 20
97031 1/4" 1-7/8 20
97032 3/8" 1-7/8 20
  • Combination patch and plug fills and seals in one step
  • Use for puncture repairs in radial passenger and light truck tires

Radial Patches

Order No Size-inches Qty-Box
97038 1.57 120
97039 2.20 120
  • Cord reinforced for strength with the flex needed for easier application

Tube Patches

Order No Size-inches Patch Dia-inches Qty-Box
97036 1.57 40 50
97037 2.20 56 50
  • Rubber reinforced
  • Expandable to adhere after tube is inflated

Quick Dry Cement

Order No Size
97040 8 oz
  • Fast cure time minimizes the occurrence of inadequate cement dry time, the number one reason for faulty tire repairs

Repair Sealer

Order No Size
97034 1 pt
  • Repairs damaged or over-buffed innerliner and seals repairs

Cleaner Fluid

Order No Size
97033 1 Qt
  • Provides a clean surface to maximize adhesion
  • Leaves no residue

Bead Sealer

Order No Size
97041 1 Qt
  • Brush on tire bead during mounting to form an air-tight seal between the tire and wheel
  • Thicker consistency prevents run off