Zep - Bulk Brake Cleaner Program


Benefits of the Zep Bulk Brake Cleaner Program?

  • Cost Savings – Purchasing in bulk saves over 40% in cost when compared to spray cans
  • Easy-To-Use - The Zep sprayer system automatically fills and pressurizes the portable sprayer in 3 easy steps
  • Hassle-Free - Zep sprayers are specifically designed to be used with brake cleaner fluid. Zep services the equipment for the life of the contract providing hassle-free maintenance.
  • E-Key Technology - Alerts the technician when the brake cleaner fluid is low allowing enough time to reorder a replacement drum
  • Eliminate Waste - Each drum is equivalent to 450 spray cans of brake cleaner. Reduce the environmental liability by eliminating spray can disposal.
  • Increase Inventory Space - Eliminate the need to stock multiple cases and pallets of brake cleaner

How Does The Program Work?

  1. Determine if a 3, 4, or 5 year supply agreement is best for your shop. Two-drum per year program requires a $400.00 equipment buy down.
  2. Determine the correct brake cleaner according to your states regulations
    • Drums and sprayers are labeled to be OSHA Compliant
  3. Myers and Zep will supply the necessary equipment including Re-Filling machines and specially designed 24 oz. sprayers
    • The retail value of the equipment with 5 sprayers is $1,800
    • Equipment works exclusively with the Zep Bulk Brake Cleaner System
    • Zep maintains spare parts and will service the equipment for the life of the contract
    • System is grounded for maximum user safety
Re-fillers Maximum # of Sprayers Drums per Year Length of Agreement
1 5 2* 3 years
1 5 4 5 years
1 8 6 4 years
1 10 8 3 years

*$400 Equipment buy down

Click here to download a PDF of the Brake Clean Program Contact your Myers Tire Supply Representative to learn more.