Air-flexx® Valve Extensions - Quality means safety


By using Air-flexx® valve extensions, you make a great contribution to road safety while protecting your fleet from the effects of weather and other hidden dangers.


With Air-flexx® valve extensions, air pressure checks can be performed easily and quickly on inner dual tires and single wheels with hubcaps. Hubcaps do not have to be removed.

A true innovation in the fleet and RV industry that is a cost effective solution where braided hose extensions and metal valve extensions fall short. Air-flexx® valve extensions are flexible, making them unbreakable and extremely durable. They are also rigid and firm enough so they can be fitted without clamps or holders on the rim (up to Air-flexx® length 8 7/16” ).

These valve extensions will not break or wear. Air-flexx® valve extensions perform even under the harshest conditions.

Pressure-free valve extensions are highly flexible for more security at less cost

Air-flexx-5.jpgDue to multiple-layers of high strength stainless steel wire combined with durable high temperature polycarbonate, Air-flexx® valve extensions have the following advantages over conventional valve extensions:

  • Pressureless
  • Unbreakable
  • Flexible
  • Does not require additional clamps or holders on the rim (up to an Air-flexx® length of 
    8 7/16”)
  • Considerably reduced risk of flat tires
  • Ability to check air pressure at any time without removing hub caps from single wheels
Underinflated tires are not only a danger to road traffic, but they also increase operating costs. With Air-flexx® valve extensions, you can accomplish the following:
  • airflexx.jpgReduce the risk of accidents
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Reduce tire wear
  • Reduce repair downtime
  • Improve driving comfort

Air-flexx® valve extensions are manufactured in Germany using top quality materials and skilled workmanship, guaranteeing the highest level of quality at a competitive price.

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