Premium Chemical Cure Tire Repair Units

Five-Year Shelf Life
CHEMBLUE™ patches have a five-year shelf life.
Don't worry about your patches expiring before they are used.


CHEMBLUE™ Cement dries faster than competitive products,
allowing you to perform repairs more efficiently.

High Heat Tolerance
Retains its high adhesion properties in hot warehouses, climates
and service trucks. Keep your customers safe and your
inventory ready to use.

CEMBLUE by Patch Rubber Solutions

Radial Passenger & Truck Tire Repair Units

Order No Mfr. Code Size-Inches Qty-Box
12117CH 10 2-1/8" x 2-13/16" 20
12118CH 12 2-9/16" x 4-1/4" 10
12119CH 14 3" x 5-1/4" 10
12120CH 15 3-1/2" x 3" 20
12121CH 16 4" x 2-5/8" 10
12090CH 20 2-11/16" x 4-9/16" 10
12091CH 22 3" x 6-7/8" 10
  • Used to repair puncture and section injuries in passenger,
    light truck and heavy-duty truck tires.
  • Apply with CHEMBLUE™ Cement 16260.

Universal Patches

Order No Mfr. Code Size-Inches Qty-Box
14208CH UP1 1-7/8" x 1-7/8" 100
14209CH UP2 2-1/8" x 2-1/8" 50
14210CH UP3 2-5/8" x 2-5/8" 50
  • Universally used for puncture injuries in every type of tire: passenger, light truck, truck, bias, radial, tubeless or tube-type.
  • Apply with CHEMBLUE™ Cement 16260

Chemical Cement

Order No Size
16260 8 oz
  • For use exclusively with Chemblue chemical patches

Patch Rubber Repair Sealer

Order No Size
16170 1 pt
  • Repairs damaged or over-buffed innerliner and seals repairs

Patch Rubber Cleaner Fluid

Order No Size
16471 1 Qt
  • Provides a clean surface to maximize adhesion
  • Leaves no residue

Patch Rubber Bead Sealer

Order No Size
16118 1 Qt
  • Brush on tire bead during mounting to form an air-tight seal between the tire and wheel
  • Thicker consistency prevents run off