Corghi Monster AG TT

Corghi Monster AG TT

Key Features

Innovative leverless design allows it to easily handle the toughest combinations including trucks, bus, farming and earth movement tire and wheel assemblies
  • Equipped with automatic and self-centering wheel clamping device (without using extensions)
  • Completely hydraulic operation with no heavy lifting of the tire and wheel assembly
  • Three-speed rotation for ultimate control
  • Wireless independent portable tool control
  • Power savings mode, shuts off when not in use
  • Hydraulic tool arm control enables the operator to automatically position the bead loosening disc and leverless finger
  • Side-to-side device enables the tools to move automatically from one side of the tire to the other
  • Electronic system to save the diameter and position of the wheel
  • Coordinated movement of the arm and turntable reduces tension and protects wheel from unnecessary contact


Myers #51512
  • 220V, 3-Phase
  • External Clamping: 14" Min. - 58" Max.
  • Maximum Tire Diameter: 98"
  • Maximum Wheel Width 63"
  • Ship Weight: 3,900lbs. - 1,770 kg


Heavy–Duty Truck


2 year parts and 1 year labor

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