Bulk Brake Cleaner Program Image

Bulk Brake Cleaner Program

Brake cleaner is the #1 volume petroleum solvent used in service operations. After oil changes, brake service is typically the most common service performed.
Myers U-Pro Image

Myers U-Pro

Introducing the Myers U-Pro Universal Hybrid TPMS sensors. Only two sensors (315 MHz and 433 MHz) are needed for the most versatile yet simple solution on the market today.
Perfect Wheel Weights Image

Perfect Wheel Weights

The Perfect Equipment brand delivers a range of steel adhesive wheel weights. Choose the tier that works for you.
Calculate Your Savings Image

Calculate Your Savings

How much time and money are you losing while you are not tracking and monitoring your inventory? Calculate your potential savings.
How to bleed a jack Image

How to bleed a jack

During shipping, a jack can be tipped causing air to get in to the cylinders. For this reason, when you first take a new jack out of the box, it is essential that all of the air is bled out of the jack before use.
Ready Patch Image

Ready Patch

The quality solution for value-conscious customers performing permanent tire repairs on passenger and light truck tires.

About Myers Tire Supply

Myers Tire Supply distributes a complete line of tire valve hardware, tire patches, tire changing tools, equipment and back shop supplies. We are also the automotive aftermarket’s source for solutions to help better manage your business. These programs are presented to customers through our knowledgeable sales representatives and on this new website.  Be sure to check back often for updates. Our network of four distribution centers, delivers in stock orders to 98% of the U.S. in two days or less. Visit our online store to place quick and convenient orders.

The MTS430 Tire Changer image

The MTS430 Tire Changer

The MTS430 Tire Changer

Designed for large alloy wheels and low profile tires and provides additional rigidity due to the tilt back design.

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