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Inventory Management Solutions
TPMS Revenue Generation
Proper Tire Repair and Training 

Inventory Management Solutions

Myers Tire Supply offers four MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems that can track and control inventory. These commercial grade vending machines can improve visibility, increase shop productivity, and save money by:

  • Increasing cars serviced per day by reducing time spent finding supplies
  • Lowering inventory carrying costs
  • Reducing product consumption and waste
  • Eliminating stock outs, paperwork, and rush orders by automating the ordering process
  • Viewing and tracking detailed usage by employee and job
  • Restricting access and quantity by user

Several dealerships have experienced success with MTS Xpress solutions. Learn how one customer saved thousands with MTS Xpress.

Product Examples

See what products other dealerships are using in the inventory management systems.

If you are thinking about an inventory management vending machine solution,  Contact Us to learn more about the four MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems available. We can assist in customizing a solution to meet the needs of your business.

Case Studies

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TPMS Revenue Generation

The Rubber Manufacturers Association recommends every time a tire is changed on a TPMS-equipped vehicle, the valve assembly should be replaced. By following this recommendation, you can increase your revenue and profit with aftermarket TPMS services.

According to a Frost & Sullivan Inc. report, tire pressure sensors are becoming the fastest-growing product in the automotive aftermarket. 

Myers Tire Supply has the widest selection of TPMS products available including sensors, service kits and TPMS tools from leading brands.

Our TPMS experts can fit your dealership with the best solution for your market. Contact Us to learn more.

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Proper Tire Repair and Training

Do-it-right-logo_on-white.jpgMinimize your dealership's liability with high-quality tire repair products and Do It Right® tire repair certification from Patch Rubber Company and Myers Tire Supply.

Knowledgeable sales representatives can train technicians how to repair tires to manufacturers’ specifications.

Failed and faulty tire repairs can lead to serious liability.  A $22.8 million faulty tire repair lawsuit could have been entirely avoided with proper training.

Do It Right® certification classes reduce your shop’s liability and are a value-added service Myers Tire Supply offers at no cost to our customers.

Contact us for Do It Right® training today!

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