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MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems

Revolutionize Your Auto Dealership's Inventory Management

MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems track and control shop supply inventory in auto dealerships. These commercial-grade vending machines increase productivity, reduce waste and improve cash flow by:

  • Reducing time spent finding shop supplies thus increasing the number of cars serviced per day
  • Helping Parts and Service Managers eliminate stock-outs and excess inventory with automated ordering and low-stock alerts
  • Reducing product consumption by holding technicians accountable for usage
  • Restricting access and quantity by user

These inventory management systems have proven success. Richmond Ford, a large auto dealership with 35 bays in its service department, was able to save more than $110,000 on wages alone.

"They've also reduced supplies by roughly $14,000 annually"

If you are looking to make your auto dealership more efficient, start by gaining control and visibility of your inventory. Download this case study to learn more about the automated dispensing solutions for auto dealerships.

Learn How Richmond Ford Saved $110,000!

See the Proven Success of Automated Inventory Management Systems