T&W Tire Saves Thousands on Time, Supplies with MTS Xpress


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T&W Tire Saves Thousands on Time, Supplies with MTS Xpress

T&W Tire is a one-stop, on-the-spot tire dealer with a mix of retail and commercial customers. With 17 locations in Oklahoma and Texas, it is a leader in tire technology and services in the central United States.

The Challenge

At T&W Tire’s location in Wichita Falls, Texas, the shop was dealing with a significant amount of waste because of lost or misplaced supplies. No-limit access to these supplies for employees was leading to costly inventory problems.

“For example, there would be 8 or 9 bottles of glue on the floor scattered in different work areas,” said Skyler Hilbers, who was the service manager of the shop. “Instead of using a bottle of glue that was already opened, our guys would open a new container. So we would have all of these half-used bottles of glue, or other supplies, scattered around the floor. It was a big waste of money.”

Not only were the misplaced supplies wasting money, but this work pattern was also wasting a significant amount of time. The constant searching for critical tools and supplies was interrupting employees from their most important responsibilities-completing their list of jobs for the week.

The MTS Xpress solution

To address these problems, T&W Tire turned to Myers Tire Supply, a national distributor of tire, wheel and automotive service supplies and solutions. Myers and its partner, Apex Supply Chain Technologies, offer the MTS Xpress vending program for secure, accurate, real-time management and control of high-cost, high- use and mission-critical items. T&W Tire installed the technology at three of its locations.

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“I’m never spending more than I need to on important supplies, but I’m also never out of supplies.”
—Skyler Hilbers, Service Manager

In Wichita Falls, T&W Tire began using both an EDGE™ 5000 helical dispenser and an Axcess™ 6010 10-door locker. The EDGE 5000 dispenses single items such as tire patches, brass and aluminum truck stems, air gauges, valve ratchets, gloves, cutoff wheels and ear plugs. In the locker are reusable and consumable items such as air tools, balancing beads, sticky wheel weights, gloves and pre-buff aerosol. When employees need something, they simply enter a personalized code into a keypad for access. Unused supplies and materials can be returned to the locker at the end of a shift. With a personal code attached to each transaction, employees assume more accountability over what they’re using each day on the job, and consumption drops.

T&W Tire is also using the Apex TrajectoryTM Cloud to eliminate stock-outs. Trajectory can track, manage, control and analyze inventory levels in the devices in real-time. When T&W Tire starts getting low on a supply, an alert from Trajectory prompts Myers to place a replenishment order. T&W Tire also can view usage patterns and optimize product mix for future use.

“I don’t have to worry about being overstocked or out-of-stock,” Hilbers said. “I’m never spending more than I need to on important supplies, but I’m also never out of supplies that my guys need to get their work done.”

The vending devices are located close to the point of work. So employees can eliminate the time they had spent walking and waiting in search of supplies, and spend more time on the job.


T&W Tire noticed an immediate improvement with the new technology. With four technicians saving about 45 minutes each day on time that had been lost searching for tools and supplies, T&W Tire is saving almost $20,000 per year in fully burdened labor costs.

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The savings on materials is significant, too. With an immediate reduction in consumption, the Wichita Falls location is saving more than $1,400 on tire patches, and almost $500 on glue, each year.

“There are fewer items laying around the shop so we have lower supply costs,” said Hilbers. “Plus, guys that had been idle before because they couldn’t find the right supplies are now more productive because everything they need is at their fingertips.”

“I wouldn’t want to go without it – it’s been a lifesaver.”

Gain Control and Visibility of Your Supplies

To learn more about the MTS Xpress inventory management solution, please contact Myers Tire Supply.