An Affordable Solution To Start Servicing Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems


Myers 360 TPMS Starter Kit

The Myers 360 TPMS Starter Kit combines Alligator high-quality valves, easy-to-use TPMS sensors, and a trusted TPMS tool powered by ATEQ for a TPMS service solution.

Since the beginning of TPMS, Myers has been on the forefront of providing innovative solutions to the automotive aftermarket. The Myers 360 Kit includes the Myers 360 TPMS Tool Powered by ATEQ, which reads 100% of all known OEM TPMS sensors enabling the technician to test all sensors before servicing to limit shop liability. In addition, the Myers 360 displays the replacement sensor and service kit part number for the vehicle then programs the sensor with the correct protocol for the vehicle. The kit also contains 12 programmable TPMS sensors and valves that cover 97% of all TPMS equipped vehicles on the road today. 

With the ability to program sensors, the Myers 360 Kit provides the shop with a solution for solving customers’ problems as well as providing a revenue source by replacing faulty sensors.

“Myers has partnered with Alligator and ATEQ to produce an affordable solution for TPMS” said Lou DiFrancesco, Director of Global Sourcing with Myers Tire Supply. “The kit includes sensors and valves from the leading OE supplier, as well as an easy to use tool to work hand-in-hand with the sensors.”

Contact a member of our team if interested in the Myers 360 TPMS Sensor Starter Kit and learn how to grow your service line.