Air-flexx® Valve Extensions for Commercial Trucks


Commercial trucks and Air-flexx

Everyday, commercial trucks are driving on our roads with damaged valve extensions and underinflated tires. By using Air-flexx® valve extensions in your fleet, you make a great contribution to road safety by reducing the risk of accidents, decreasing fuel consumption, reducing tire wear, and reducing repair downtime.

Thanks to the high quality materials, Air-flexx® valve extensions are not only flexible, but also rigid and firm enough so they can be fitted without wheel rim holders or clamps (up to an Air-flexx® length of 8 7/16”).

Air-flexx valve extensionAir-flexx® are built in several layers:

  • inner pin with a stainless steel core
  • inner airtube
  • stainless steel jacket
  • protective cover

These valve extensions will not break or wear. Air-flexx® valve extensions perform even under the harshest conditions.

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With Air-flexx® valve extensions, air pressure checks can be performed easily and quickly on inner dual tires and single wheels with hubcaps. Hubcaps do not have to be removed.