MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems

Myers Tire Supply offers four MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems that can track and control auto repair shop inventory. These commercial grade vending machines can improve visibility, increase productivity, gain control and save money by:

  • Increasing cars serviced per day by reducing time spent finding supplies
  • Lowering inventory carrying costs
  • Reducing product consumption and waste
  • Eliminating stock outs, paperwork, and rush orders by automating the ordering process
  • Viewing and tracking detailed usage by employee and job
  • Restricting access and quantity by user

If you are thinking about an inventory management vending machine solution,  Contact Us to learn more about the four MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems available. We can assist in customizing a solution to meet the needs of your business.

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See how cutomers are increasing productivity and saving time and money with MTS Xpress.

You can also learn more from the following case studies:

Edge 5000 or 3000 image

Edge 5000 or 3000

The Edge Machines are great for storing, tracking and dispensing high-volume consumables. The Edge 5000 and 3000 are ideal solutions for storing and tracking high-volume consumables such as gloves, sealants, tire repair products, tire marking crayons, wire brushes and more.

  • Manage inventory by setting stock alerts and usage reports on fast moving items
  • Control inventory by restricting the quantity allowed per employee
  • Patented Verified-Vend technology senses and confirms each transaction ensuring inventory is always accurate
  • Easy to adjust for new items as business needs change

Choose the machine that fits the needs of your shop:

Edge 5000 — Features 6 shelves to accommodate products of nearly every shape and size. Holds a maximum of 60 SKU’s
Edge 3000 — A thinner version of the Edge 5000 features 6 shelves. Holds a maximum of 36 SKU’s.

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Asset Lockers image

Asset Lockers

The Asset Lockers are perfect for tracking and controlling high-dollar assets like torque wrenches, TPMS tools and diagnostic tools or vending bulky items.

  • Sets “check-out” time limits and alerts for overdue items
  • Tracks who checked out an item and when it was returned giving you full visibility
  • Manages and controls items requiring calibration and certification
  • Restricts access to specific items by user
  • 3, 4, 12 & 18 cabinet locker options available
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Actylus Smart Bin System image

Actylus Smart Bin System

The Actylus Smart Bin System is an ideal solution for storing high

-volume consumables such as tire valves, wheel weights, tire patches, batteries, wheel nuts and studs and other various products.

  • Detects low stock levels and instantly sends an alert, eliminating the need for labor-intensive counting
  • Increases productivity by always having key supplies on hand
  • Saves money by eliminating safety stock and emergency orders
  • Automatically adjusts inventory count when stock is added to a bin
  • Monitors the flow of items being used including usage patterns and trends
  • Sets levels for each SKU with a simple one-step process
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Trajectory Enterprise Technology Platform

All MTS Xpress Inventory Management Systems are connected to the Trajectory platform. This automated product replenishment, monitoring and inventory control platform:

  • Flags low stock levels or usage pattern changes
  • Tracks items by job, work order or cost center
  • Establishes limits or restrictions on access and/or quantities
  • Tracks usage patterns and trends allowing for stock adjustments before they turn into problems
  • Does not require special software or servers

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