Myers Tire Supply & Patch Rubber Company

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Myers Tire Supply and Patch Rubber Company comprise the Distribution Segment of Myers Industries, Inc. This relationship allows Myers Tire Supply to provide you with the industry’s best tire repair products and the knowledge of how to use them. Patch Rubber Company is a diversified manufacturer with 50+ years of experience compounding and manufacturing tire repair and retreading products, industrial rubber products and permanent and traffic marking tapes.

Together, we offer Tire Repair Products in the following categories:


Do It Right Tire Repair Training

Our knowledgeable sales representatives can train your technicians how to repair tires to manufacturers’ specifications. These training classes are a value-added service we offer at no cost to our customers. In this helpful training, your technicians will learn to: 

  1. Inspect It – Remove the tire from the wheel for proper inspection of the injury
  2. Drill It – Drill the injury to remove any exposed cord.
  3. Fill It – Fill the injury with a stem or plus unit to seal out moisture and prevent contamination.
  4. Seal It – Seal the inner liner with a repair unit to prevent air loss.

Do It Right® certification classes reduce your shop’s liability and are offered on four different subjects:

  • Passenger tires
  • Truck tires
  • OTR tires
  • Speed-rated tires

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