TPMS Passenger & Light Truck Solutions

TPMS-Lookup.jpgThe amount of vehicles equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems is increasing with each passing year. It also seems the aftermarket TPMS solutions are getting more and more confusing. Myers is here to help! With our broad TPMS product selection, Myers creates customized TPMS solutions to fit the needs of your business. As an added service to our customers, our knowledgeable sales representatives can teach your technicians about servicing TPMS and diagnosing TPMS-related issues.

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Increasing Demand & Your TPMS Revenue Opportunities

According to a Frost & Sullivan Inc. report, tire pressure sensors are becoming the fastest-growing product in the automotive aftermarket. In fact, the demand for TPMS sensors is expected to triple by 2018-20. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to capitalize on this growing market —TPMS is here to stay.

Aftermarket TPMS sensors:

Programmable TPMS Sensors

Programmable sensors are blank, then the information for the vehicle is programmed onto the sensor from the tool.

Some advantages include less inventory and solid coverage. Also, the sensor does not go out of date. The tool determines the vehicle's availability to sensor.

Brands: Myers U-Pro, AutelAlligator, Schrader EZ sensor, Huf

Multi-Protocol TPMS Sensors

Muilti-Protocol (multi-application) sensors have multiple codes for vehicle groups pre-programmed to the sensor.

These are very similar to OE. Some advantages include the ability to replace many OE sensors, less inventory needed, and no programming.

Brands: Dill Redi-Sensor

Direct Replacement OE TPMS Sensors:

An OE Direct Fit sensors is pre-programed with one code specified for that particular vehicle and only works with that vehicle.

An advantage is that direct replacement sensors work like factory installed and are a direct swap out. There is no tool required for programing sensor.

Brands: Huf, Other Brands

TPMS Tools:

TPMS Service Kits

However, TPMS sensors are not the only component of TPMS service that creates opportunity for your business.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association recommends servicing the TPMS valve assembly whenever a tire is removed.

This simple procedure will ensure the TPMS system will operate as intended by the OEM. This is a service your technicians could start performing and charging for today.

Learn more about TPMS Service Kits.

TPMS Training

Whether you are just getting started with TPMS or are looking for an alternative TPMS solution, Myers can help you make the best TPMS choice for your business. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives can visit your location, get to know your business and the types of vehicles you service and help you determine the best solution. Sign up to learn more about the Do It Right!® tire repair training.