Myers Torque Tracker

 When was the last time your passenger or truck torque wrench was calibrated? If it has been over a year, your torque wrench is in danger of needing calibration. O.S.H.A and the American Trucking Institute recommend torque wrenches be recalibrated at least once per year, more often if the wrench has been abused or dropped.  Myers can help! Improper torque can cause distortion, fatigue cracks and alignment problems for your customers or fleet.

If you are seeking torque wrench calibration, Myers is here to help! We offer a complete torque recalibration service for any passenger or truck torque wrench on the market—even if you didn’t buy it from us!

Here is how it works:

  1. You Contact Us  letting us know your torque wrench needs calibrated.
  2. We give you a quote for calibration and email or fax you the shipping paperwork.
  3. You ship your torque wrench.
  4. We track your wrench through the calibration process.
  5. We keep a copy of your calibration certificate on file.
  6. One year later, you will receive an email reminder to have your wrench calibrated to be sure you stay in compliance with industry standards.

If you need a new torque wrench, click here to shop from our broad selection.