Supplier Shipping Standards

Supplier Shipping Standards
These Requirements are incorporated into and are a part of every contract between Myers Tire Supply Distribution, Inc. (“Myers”) and its suppliers (“Supplier”). In the event of a conflict between the terms and provisions of these Requirements and the terms and provisions of any separate written contract document (the “Supply Agreement”) between Myers and the Supplier, provisions of the Supply Agreement shall govern.
  1. Compliance. All Suppliers, including domestic, import and third party, must adhere to all requirements set forth in these Guidelines. Any deviation by Supplier without the prior written approval of Myers may, in the sole discretion of Myers, result in penalties as set forth herein and/or loss of all or a portion of Myers business.
  2. Order Fill Rates and Lead Time. Order fill rates and committed lead times will be determined between the Supplier and Myers and documented in Section 6 of the Supply Agreement. In the event a minimum order fill rate has NOT been established, it will be set at 97.0% on the scheduled ship date. Lead times shall be used by Myers Inventory Management to establish shipment dates (“Required Delivery”) on Purchase Orders (“PO”). Shipments are not considered complete until the agreed on minimum order fill has been reached or exceeded. Myers will monitor shipment order fill and lead times at the item/ line level. Failure to meet or exceed order fill and lead times may result in disciplinary actions by Myers up to and including fines. Continued failure to meet lead-times and shipment order fill could result in loss of Supplier status.
  3. Product Shortages and Damages. Supplier shall recognize and settle all Merchandise AP charge backs for concealed product shortages or damages within 30 days after notification by Myers. Myers will accept delivery of the Supplier’s product by pallet/container count, but product count and merchandise shortages or overages will be determined at put away. Any shortages/ overages of merchandise will be noted and reconciled by Myers and the Supplier in writing.
  4. PO Acknowledgement.
    1. EDI-transmitted POs: Should be acknowledged via an 855 within 2 business days
    2. Email- & fax-transmitted POs: Should be acknowledged (ship dates confirmed, exceptions noted) within 2 business days via email to
  5. Product Information. Supplier shall maintain product information on file with Myers Category Management Team including pallet quantities, layer quantities, case quantities, order multiples, weights, dimensions, UPC, freight requirements, etc., for all Supplier products shipped to Myers. The Supplier shall notify Myers Category Manager via email a minimum of 30 days prior to the next shipment if any of this information changes. Changes in the Supplier’s catalog or price sheets noted by the Supplier on the packing slip are not acceptable notice.
  6. Product Discos, Supersessions & Obsoletes. Supplier shall notify Myers Category Manager via email at least 90 days in advance of any products being rendered obsolete, discontinued, and/or any Supplier-contemplated substitution or supersession of products.  Supplier will accept the return of any products rendered discontinued, obsolete, superseded, illegal to sell or otherwise not in compliance with any applicable Laws for full credit.
  7. Supplier Data Request Form. All suppliers must complete a “Supplier Data Request Form” at the time the original Supply Agreement is negotiated. Any time information on the Supplier Data Request Form changes a new Supplier Data Request Form must be submitted to the appropriate Myers Category Manager with the new/changed information. The Category Management Team will be responsible for communicating updates to all required Myers teams.
  1. General Information
    1. Prepaid Shipments. Supplier is allowed to use carrier of their choosing; shipments will be managed by the carrier. We encourage the use of our Preferred Carriers for Prepaid shipments (section 2.0 C) to assist in more consistent delivery and improved efficiency at our Distribution Centers (“DCs“).
    2. Collect Air, Expedited Shipments. Myers will not be responsible for costs of collect air or expedited shipments unless Myers has pre-approved the charges in writing prior to shipment. Supplier shall include the name of the Myers representative providing written authorization on the BOL. If it is not properly authorized by Myers in writing prior to shipment, collect air and expedited charges will be charged back to Supplier’s account.
  2. Bills of Lading (BOL)
    1. Merchandise Descriptions. Merchandise descriptions on all BOL must conform to the national motor freight classification description and class number(s) and shipping container requirements.
    2. Required Information. All shipping containers, BOL or other receipts must show:
      1. Bill to name followed by street address, city, state and zip code.
      2. Ship to name followed by street address, city, state and zip code.
      3. All Myers purchase order numbers & freight terms.
      4. Number of pieces and pallets and weight (place on BOL only).
      5. Ship via & tracking number
    3. Single Daily Shipment. Supplier shall combine all shipments for any Myers DC on one BOL, provided the due date will not be affected, and make a single daily shipment to the DC.
  3. Myers Freight Collect Program
    1. Failure to utilize Preferred Carriers for freight collect shipments will result in a chargeback of the greater of the difference the effective shipping rate or 1% of the value of shipment.
    2. Billing. All Freight Collect freight invoices must be routed through 3rd Party billing:
Myers Tire Supply
c/o Williams & Associates
405 E. 78th St.
Bloomington, MN 55420-1251
  1. Direct Inline Shipping ONLY. Inter-line shipping is NOT allowed on Myers Freight Collect.
  2. Small Parcels. A small parcel shipment is defined as weighing less than 250 pounds and/or containing no more than 10 cartons. Freight collect shipments should use FedEx Ground Third Party Bill Account # 044701855 (contact FedEx at 800-463-333).
  3. Please contact your Inventory Manager with questions.
The goods ordered on a Myers PO shall ship on or before the “Required Delivery” date on the PO. NOTE: Supplier is solely responsible for shipping by the Required Delivery Date and assuring the delivery is made. This includes being accountable for any fines for late delivery or low order-fill because of late or missed deliveries.
  1. Receiving Office Contacts.
Akron, OH:  Matt Bussey, 330-253-5592 ext. 6296 or
Southaven, MS: DJ Nemcek, 901-396-4928 ext. 4210 or
Salt Lake City, UT: Mike Alires, 801-704-5773 ext. 4315 or
Pomona, CA: Blaine Cartwright, 909-595-0797 ext. 4290 or
Tuffy DC: Mike Snyder, 330-630-1111 ext. 211 or
  1. Pallet Requirements
    1. Pallet Inspection. Pallets will be inspected at our receiving docks. Product delivered on pallets that are determined to be unacceptable will be restacked or reworked. Myers may elect to charge the Supplier for labor required to correct shipping problems.
    2. Pallet Specifications. Pallets will be rejected if the following specifications are not met. Any exceptions require written approval from Distribution Operations Manager.
      1. Measurement – 48” deep x 40” or 42” (4-way entry), with a minimum under clearance of 3 5/8” for fork entry.
      2. All pallets must conform to “specification and grades for hardwood warehouse permanent or returnable pallets” of the National Pallet and Container Association. MTS requires a GMA # 1 pallet or better.
      3. Skid deck must be smooth, free from nail protrusions, knots and other damaging projections
      4. All pallets must have a minimum under clearance of 3 5/8” for fork entry
      5. Top Deck Boards – 7 boards, 5/8” to ¾” evenly spaced with 4” maximum spacing: both end boards 5 ½”, other boards 3 ½”. (See Fig. A)
      6. Bottom Deck Boards – Both end boards and a minimum of 3 center boards are to be the same dimensions as top deck boards. No loose boards.
      7. Stringers – No split or broken; no double stringers or block patched stringers; stringers 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” x 3 ½” to 3 ¾” x 48”; no protruding nails. (See Fig. A)
      8. Contamination – No chemicals, grease, or other agents that could soil or damage the product.
      9. Bulk Fluids (Oil, antifreeze, etc.) must be shipped on “A” grade pallets
      10. The use of Slip Sheets must be approved in writing by Distribution Operations Manager. Upon approval Supplier must follow Myers Slip Sheet requirements.pallet.jpg
Top, Bottom and Stringer (Fig. A)
  1. Pallet Height. The following pallet height requirements will be observed:
    1. For product that has a single part number per pallet the maximum pallet height is 45 inches from floor to top of top layer.
    2. For product that has mixed part numbers per pallet the maximum pallet height is 72 inches from floor to top of top layer.
    3. For bulk chemicals the maximum pallet height is 72 inches from floor to top of top layer. (Oil, Antifreeze, etc.)
  2. Pallet Preparation. All pallets shall be packed and arrive as set forth below:
    1. Product shall be positioned on the pallet in such a manner that there is no overhang to the edges of the pallet. If size of product is such that overhang is unavoidable, corner boards & pallet straps must be used.
    2. Part numbers are not to be mixed on pallets where the quantity ordered of a single part number is sufficient to make a full pallet load.
    3. If a full pallet cannot be made of a single part #, then it must be grouped together by layer and not mixed throughout the pallet or segregated across multiple pallets.
    4. If a “mixed” pallet is shipped, SKUs with smaller quantities must be stacked on top of SKUs of larger quantities. The only exception is if the smaller quantity SKU is heavier than the larger quantity SKU which could result in damages.
    5. Product must be secured to pallets by plastic banding and/or stretch-wrap film. Loads using stretch-wrap film must use sufficient material to retain the load, preferably machine wrapped, and cover the pallet to prevent load shifting.
    6. Double stacking of 45” pallets is encouraged if product will not be damaged during transport. If pallets cannot be double stacked, a no stacking label must be applied to every skid.
  3. Pallet Labeling. Pallets will be labeled as follows:
    1. Each pallet will have a pallet manifest, which at a minimum will contain:
      1. Ship From information
      2. Ship To information
      3. PO number
      4. Manufacturer Part Number(s)
      5. Myers SKU number(s)
      6. Quantity per part number
      7. Total Pallet Quantity
      8. Pallet # of #
      9. Mixed pallets also require PO line number
    2. If a pallet contains mixed part numbers or sku’s the pallet will be labeled with a “MIXED” sign. This sign must be clearly distinguishable from other documents on the pallet. A colored sign is recommended. Master Cartons cannot exceed 50lbs.
  1. Floor Loaded Containers
    1. Approval. The use of Floor Loaded Containers must be approved in writing by Distribution Operations Manager.
    2. Unload Time Requirements. Myers requires a minimum of two hours to unload floor stacked containers. It shall be the Supplier’s responsibility to arrange unload time with the carrier.
    3. Container Condition. Floor loaded containers must be stacked and secured to prevent the contents from shifting or falling.
    4. Detention or Late Fees. If detention or late fees are charged due to a poorly stacked container or due to the Supplier’s failure to arrange two hours for delivery the Supplier will be responsible for the payment of all late fees.
  2. Case (Carton) Labels
    1. All cases will have a case label, with the exception of product in which the case is too small to apply a label. In these cases, the case or display package must have the UPC label, Product Description, Part Number and Quantity.
    2. All cases with case labels must contain:
      1. Myers Part Number
      2. Product Description
      3. UCC bar code
      4. The PO Number
      5. Inner Pack Quantity and/or Number of eaches
      6. Must also be represented as a barcode
      7. For product shipped in multiple cases, show Case # of # # on label.
  1. UPC Label Requirements:
    1. Minimum quality = ANSI grade “B”
    2. Minimum Bar height = 6mm
    3. Maximum Bar Length = 150mm
    4. Narrow bar/space width = 0.010” (10 mils)
    5. Quiet zones = 10x the narrow element
    6. Color = Black printing on white matte finish only background
    7. Quantity Scanned must match Master Product Data File
  2. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that carton strength is sufficient to protect product for shipments to the final destination.
  3. Packing Slip
    1. Agreement. Every shipment to Myers DCs must have a packing slip.
    2. Packing Slip Information. The packing slip must cover only what is shipped on that delivery. It must be prepared to the same level of detail as the Myer PO with the order number, MFG number, piece count and the total piece count shown. A maximum of one PO shall be shown on each packing slip.
    3. Packing Slip Requirements. The packing slip must not arrive on carbon paper. Myers requires a legible document. The packing slip shall either be attached to the BOL or shrink-wrapped to the last pallet loaded on the truck.
  4. Backorders. All back orders must be labeled using original PO documentation.
  5. Misshipments. All product misshipments will be classified into two categories:
    1. Merchandise To Be Returned. Merchandise will be returned to the Supplier when:
      1. Item(s) are shipped that do not appear on the Myers PO
      2. Quantities are shipped in excess of the PO amount
      3. RGA. If the Supplier requires an RGA (Return Goods Authorization), Myers will request this in writing. The Supplier will provide a RGA to Myers within 24 hours of request. If the RGA is not provided within 24 hours of the request, Myers reserves the right to return the product, collect, to the Supplier.
    2. Merchandise to be Re-Routed. Merchandise shipped to the incorrect Myers location will be rerouted by Myers to the correct location. The Supplier will be responsible for any additional freight charges incurred.
  6. Shipments of Aerosol or Hazardous Products
    1. General. When applicable Supplier shall include MSDS and placards. All chemical or liquid shipments shall be securely sealed to prevent leaks. If faulty packaging causes leaking, product may be returned to Supplier and Supplier may be charged for labor to clean.
    2. Aerosol Products. All aerosol products shall be identified by the Supplier on the exterior of the cartons including the aerosol product’s hazard level and classification.
    3. Hazardous Materials. All hazardous material shipments must conform to all federal, state, and local laws including, but not limited to, the US Department of Transportation-Hazardous Materials Regulations-CFR, Title 49, Sections 171-177, specifying the proper descriptions, labels, shipping papers, placarding, packaging, markings and exceptions.
  7. Callbacks of Overstock and Discontinued Merchandise
    1. Product Callback. At the time of notification of a product callback, the Supplier shall provide the complete ship-to address, contact name and information, method of transportation and RGA number(s) necessary for the return. The Supplier or its designate must be capable of accepting all returns from Myers within the time frame of the callback. If the Supplier cannot handle the volume of returns the Supplier is responsible for arranging for storage. If the Supplier fails to accept the full volume of returns within 72 hours of the callback deadline; Myers has the option of making storage or shipping arrangements and charging all costs back to the Supplier. Any exceptions to the process must be approved in writing by Distribution Operations Manager.
All products being shipped to a Myers DC must have either a twelve-digit self-checking UPC label or an EAN-8 or EAN-13 label which conforms to the GS1 standards. For any product that does not adhere to this requirement, the Supplier shall be subject to a non-compliance penalty as set forth herein.
  1. Invoice Preparation. The invoice shall be prepared by Supplier with the same level of detail as the PO. The invoice shall contain the quantity shipped by Supplier for each Myers SKU number and shall reference the Myers SKU number. Paper (hard copy) invoices or credit memos shall be sorted in either Myers SKU number order or in Manufacturer # order. There must be only one Purchase Order number billed on an invoice. Costs billed should be carried out a maximum of 3 decimal places. Supplier’s failure to comply with this instruction will result in penalties as set forth herein.
  2. Quantity. The total quantity shipped must equal the total quantity billed. The total quantity billed will be indicated at the bottom of the invoice. Supplier’s failure to comply with this instruction will result in penalties as set forth herein.
  3. Order Numbers. The Myers purchase order number shall be referenced on the invoice.
  4. Credit Memos. All credit memos must either contain the Myers PO number to which they should be applied, or a clear reference to the rebate or co-op description. All credit memos for returned product must show the RGA number and subtotals for product unit value and quantity.
  5. Mailing Address. Until 100% EDI compliant, each Supplier shall mail all invoices and credit memos to:
Supplier shall be subject to the following penalties if it fails to comply with the Supplier Requirements as set forth herein:
A. Merchandising  
  Obsoletes/ Discos/ Supersessions Without Notification  $1,000 per SKU
B. Transportation  
  Collect Freight on a Non-preferred Carrier The difference of the effective shipping rate or 1% of the value of the shipment, whichever is greater
C. Inventory Management  
  Late Shipments $500 Fine per PO
  Incomplete Shipments  fine of 10% of what was not shipped
  1. Distribution Centers
Metric Description Violation Penalty
Missing, wrong, misplaced and unreadable Labels (Includes UPC Barcodes) $250 per shipment + $2 per label
Packing list not visible upon opening the trailer, missing within the shipment, or the packing list is not sorted by PO, or not accurate $500 per shipment
Pallet Manifest Missing or Incorrect $500 Per Shipment
Models shipped on non-standard pallets and not within Myers requirements (Photo Required) $250 per shipment + $25 per damaged pallet*
Trailer Condition - loads not secured properly, poor load quality, pallets fallen and product damaged (Photo Required) $250 per shipment
Unlabeled mixed PO’s or models across pallets $500 per shipment
Product is not configured properly on the pallet $250 per shipment
Wrong product is shipped (includes wrong part # and brand) $250 per shipment + labor cost to clean up product at DC
Case Pack Quantity Conflict $250 per shipment + $10 a carton
Failure to pick up Callbacks/ RGA’s within allotted time $150 per shipment per Week + any storage costs
  1. Invoice Instructions
Quantity Not at Bottom of Invoice                                  $100/invoice
More than one PO per invoice/credit memo                $100/invoice
Missing SKU number on invoice/credit memo            $100/invoice
Invoice/Credit memo not sorted                                    $100/invoice
Errors on EDI transactions not corrected                       $100/transaction after 2 attempts
Unless Supplier disputes a chargeback within sixty (60) days, the chargeback will become final and payable.